LIVE WEBINAR Wednesday, Oct 6 @ 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST

Returning to the Workplace
in a Global Pandemic

We all hoped we would be out of the pandemic by now, and many employers anticipated that a return to the office was just around the corner.  After working remotely for 18 months, employees’ expectations have changed. Many have embraced the freedom and flexibility of remote work and do not want to return to the office five days a week.    

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With so much uncertainty and anxiety about returning to the physical workplace, how do employers determine when, and how, employees should return to an in-person workplace, and which work model is best for their employees and their organization?

Join us as we host Tony Fairfield, Interim CEO, and Scott Fleming, Founder of Better Workplace, as they discuss the challenges facing businesses and share insights on how choosing the best work model can benefit employees and employers. 

In this session, key takeaways include:

How to determine which workplace scenario best suits your employees and your company

→ The benefits of hybrid working models—cost and time savings, and environmental impact 

→ What employers need to know to mitigate risks in hybrid, in-office, and remote work environments  

→ How to support the physical and mental health of your employees 

Wednesday, Oct 6 @ 1 PM EST / 10 AM PST

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Tony Fairfield 

As Interim CEO of Better Workplace, Tony is committed to helping employers and employees thrive in a well-supported distributed work environment. With more than 25 years of employee benefits experience, Tony has a clear understanding of the connection between workforce mobility and more present and productive teams. He believes that optimized workplaces that consider employees’ feedback on the ideal working arrangement will reduce employee stress and physical injuries—resulting in fewer mental health and physical injury claims for businesses. 


Scott Fleming

Scott is the founder and principal visionary of Better Workplace. Inspired by Sun Microsystem’s award-winning Open Work program, which provided a flexible work environment for employees and saved the company over $400 million, Scott created Better Workplace to automate the best practices from the program into a software platform. Prior to Better Workplace, Scott acquired extensive senior-level experience in technology sales and marketing through his roles at Hamilton Computers (acquired by General Electric); Manufacturers Finance; and Sun Microsystems.


Randy Wetmore

As Wello’s VP of Sales, Randy and his team are dedicated to providing accessible virtual healthcare solutions to businesses as an employment benefit, member benefit, value-added service, or through innovative partnerships. Randy’s previous experience includes over 15 years of professional sales experience across multiple sectors including tech, recruitment, and software testing.